Free COVID-19 Response Chatbot for Higher Ed

Up and running in one hour or less

To support the higher education community at this difficult time, GeckoEngage are offering a free COVID-19 ResponseBot, to help with answering questions and providing up to date information during the pandemic.

ResponseBot will:

  • Provide clear, immediate answers for your students, staff and faculty - 24/7

  • Operate across multiple channels, including website, text messaging, Facebook Messenger and Twitter DMs

  • Provide pre-built content from sources of authority such as WHO, CDC and NHS

  • Offer the ability to switch to human-to-human live chat if required

ResponseBot will be available to higher education institutions free of charge, for an initial period of three months (we may extend). It will be customized to reflect your institution’s brand during the one hour training and implementation session and you will be able to customize responses to make answers specific to your school, and add in additional questions/answers as needed.

Please complete this form, and we'll contact you ASAP.

Try it now

We've included a version of our ResponseBot on this page. Just click on the chat icon at the bottom of the screen to launch the bot.
And remember, although we've added a questions and answers from a variety of sources, you can still add your own!


Is the GeckoEngage ResponseBot really a free service?

Yes. In times of crisis, everyone must pull together. We feel our chatbot technology can be helpful to answer questions stemming from the Coronavirus pandemic, and we are happy to share that technology at no cost, for at least the next 3 months. We will review timescales as time goes on and if we need to extend; we will.

How will a chatbot help during the COVID-19 outbreak?

A chatbot can field multiple frequently asked questions, at scale, across multiple channels including website, text messaging, Facebook Messenger and Twitter DMs. This means that any student, staff or faculty member can ask the bot questions about COVID-19 and be directed to the appropriate response automatically.  The chatbot can handle thousands of questions simultaneously, as required, 24/7.

How long does the chatbot take to set up?

We can get you up and running with the ResponseBot in less than an hour.

Who is required to set the chatbot up?

We will need somebody who can access the back end of your website to get the ResponseBot launched. There will be no complicated IT implementation.

What happens when I complete the free ResponseBot request form?

A member of our team will make contact with you as soon as we possibly can; likely immediately within working hours. They will then take you through the process to get set up and book in a one-hour training session for anyone in your team who may need it.

What is ResponseBot?

ResponseBot is a free version of our GeckoChat product, aimed at helping Higher Ed institutions communicate with their students over the next 3 months. The product:

  • Leverages the IBM Watson Artificial Intelligence platform to connect student messages with the most appropriate response.

  • Can (optionally) fall-back to a human respondent where required. Web and mobile applications help teams engage in one-to-one conversations from any location.

  • Includes pre-built content from sources of authority such as WHO, CDC and NHS. These responses can be edited, and custom questions added.

  • Can be added to any webpage or portal without assistance from IT.

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