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Advising is Teaching, Not Googling

It's Okay to Let Chatbots Answer Basic Questions

Register to watch our 30-minute on-demand webinar and find out how chatbot use can impact student engagement. You will discover:

  • Why a chatbot is essential for academic advisors

  • How conversational technology enhances student engagement

  • How bots provide consistent information around-the-clock

  • How you can use chatbot conversations to improve the advising experience

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Your Hosts

You'll be in safe hands for this webinar. Your hosts are:

Vinny Costantino

Customer Success Executive

Vinny has worked in  higher education for about 10 years as a business analyst, project manager, and implementation lead for numerous schools across the US.

Eric Stoller

VP of Digital Strategy

Eric provides thought leadership, strategy and practical expertise around digital transformation in higher ed and focuses on how conversational technologies can provide 24/7 support to enhance student experience.

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