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Fireside Chat with University of California, Irvine

Register to watch our on-demand Fireside Chat with UCI and discover how they used a university chatbot to find out what their students really want to know (which included 'how far away from campus is Disneyland?'...all the fun stuff 😄). We also cover how:

  • UCI's chatbot supports 62% of conversations out of office hours and 23% on weekends, meaning no student is left waiting until Monday for help!

  • Peter the Anteater increased team productivity by removing repetitive work.

  • UCI leveraged chatbot technology to assist with an increase of 50,000 applications!

Oh, and how the bot was up and running in less than a week!

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Your Hosts

You'll be in safe hands for this webinar. Your hosts are:

Matt Lanham

CEO & Founder

Bryan Jue

Sr. Associate Director
Office of Undergraduate Admissions

Ronald Whitenhill

Associate Director
Office of Undergraduate Admissions

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